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Dr Andrea Carroll (Andie) M.A & Doctorate in Special Educational needs.

Dr Andrea Carroll (Andie) M.A & Doctorate in Special Educational needs.

President of the Rotary Club Lovina, Bali.

An activist in education, originally from the UK, who fights passionately against Inequalities on education in Indonesia.

Known as a Teacher, an Assessor, a Curriculum Designer and an expert in crafting remedial literacy programs and educational interventions for dyslexic children.

Andie has a huge appetite for challenging work and a strong desire to shine the light on dyslexia in some of the remote disadvantaged locations in Bali.

Working in the education sector for many years she feels compelled to create a foundation Which will uphold key principles, which are to supports students with dyslexia and allow children with learning differences to seek opportunities without being marginalized.

Remove social and educational barriers to language acquisition is her ultimate goal and outcome of creating the NGO, Bali Dyslexia Foundation.

Trustee Board member

Dr. Susan Lord

Dr. Susan Lord. Ph.D.,Post Doc.

Born in Boston, USA spent most of her career as a professor in the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at ChapelHill. Here she did research on the blood components that support the formation of clots.

She trained university students who found new ways to examine blood clotting and discovered new patterns for interactions among the blood components. She retired at the end of 2011 and now dedicates some of her free time to reading in school classes in Kayu Putih and financially supporting students to continue their studies in further & Higher education.

Trustee Board member

Dr. P. Leith Krakouer

Dr. P. Leith Krakouer .B.A.

Grad.Dip.Ed.,M.Ed.,Ph.D.,Post Doc. School of Psychology and Human. Development. I.O.E., (University of London)

Dr Leith, established the first privately owned and funded body in Indonesia to specialize in the education of children with Autism, Down Syndrome, ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia.

Dr. P. Leith Krakouer has some thirty years experience as a Researcher and Educator of children with Cognitive Dysfunctions, particularly in the domains of Autism, Speech and Language Delay, Behavior Management and Dyslexia. Furthermore, he has extensive clinical expertise in the diagnosis and implementation of effective intervention strategies that empower these individuals to manage their condition.

Dr. Krakouer is frequently invited to lecture in Europe and America to discuss how Autism impacts families, especially parents. He conducts intensive training sessions to equip family members with vital knowledge and skills that are specifically designed to assist their Autistic child or relative.

For the past eight years, he has have resided in Bali Indonesia, developing teacher training techniques that utilize local classrooms and community buildings. This focus has been among remote and regional folk in Kalimantan, Java and Bali, particularly individuals who have not had the opportunity to graduate in a formal degree setting or University. Thereby facilitating the means where isolated individuals, who are passionate to teach can acquire vital skills, return to their own community or village and implement them.

Trustee Board member

Raden Roro Fitricia Soraya

Raden Roro Fitricia Soraya.

Originally from Jakarta living and working in Bali for over 20 years. An entrepreneur who has accomplished her dreams in achieving and developing residential property both in South Bali, Kerobokan and Lovina, North Bali.

A truly passionate person who believes in ‘equal education for all abilities’. Soraya has dedicated her time and efforts to the Bali Dyslexia Foundation in hopes to make a small difference to disadvantaged children who find it difficult to cope with Dyslexia in Bali.

Trustee Board member

Kadek Fendi Wirawan

I Ketut Trika Adi Ana, S.Pd., M.Pd.

An educator and education practitioner who dedicates more of his time to provide affordable education for the poor in Bali. Currently, he manages several non-formal educational institutions (courses and training institutions) and a formal Hindu religious educational institution at the high school level in Bali.

Trika completed her bachelor’s and master’s studies in English language education at the Ganesha University of Education, Singaraja. Apart from teaching, he is also active in research and has presented his research results at a number of international conferences in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Hong Kong.

Meet our Ambassadors:

Trustee Board member

Mark Stoddart

Originating from Ayrshire in Scotland, Mark is a renowned and accomplished artist and sculptor taking inspiration from some of natures greatest creations. His bronze sculptured furniture depicting hippos, alligators and horses to name just a few have sold all over the world (his customer list includes some famous names) and he has amassed quite a following, with his work now highly sought after with some pieces selling for large amounts at auction. Mark is also Dyslexic and Dyspraxic and he spends a large proportion of his time raising awareness of these two areas and the charities that support them.

Mark understands first-hand how the right support, tools and approach can make such a difference to students that are Dyslexic/Dyspraxic. His own success did not come easily, and he overcame many challenges to get to where he is today, this is perhaps in part what perfectly places him to be an ambassador for the Bali Dyslexia Foundation. He has a wealth of experience in this type of role having been an Ambassador for Dyslexia Scotland, his home country, for over ten years.

Mark also has a strong personal affinity with Indonesia; his friends mother Nel, who was like a second mother to Mark (she sadly passed away in 2021), was Dutch but was brought up in Java during the 1930’s/40’s and was a strong influence on his life.

Mark has made it his mission to utilise his success to help others that face similar challenges to him and provide them with the opportunities that are needed to help them embrace their talents and learn in a way that works for them.

Trustee Board member

Cath Jenkins

Originating from the UK, Cath is a career diplomat. She studied German and Business at Hull University before joining the Foreign Office. She has lived and worked, all over the world – most recently in India, Brussels and Argentina. She is currently taking a sabbatical in Jakarta where she is accompanying her husband, Owen (British Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor Leste) and supporting her family. She is also keen to support the local community in projects where she can make a difference.

Education and in particularly, literacy, is an issue close to her heart. Her last role in London was in the Diplomatic Academy developing regional learning and development programmes. A key issue was ensuring that the programmes were accessible and inclusive. In addition her children have experienced schooling in a variety of environments and she has seen first hand the difference good, inclusive learning can make. She is keen to promote greater understanding of dyslexia as she has family members who are dyslexic and has supported dyslexic colleagues to get the reasonable adjustments they need. Cath is delighted to have been asked to be an Ambassador for the Bali Dyslexia Foundation and looks forward to working closely with them.

Trustee Board member

Jantien Brug Van De bos

Jantien, a Director of PT Isama Bali Indonesia, and a humanitarian who works in the field of social work gaining the skills of a social therapist for the Foundation ‘Kuno van Dijk’, clinic for young adults suffering with addictions, based in Holland.

Jantien has been a Rotarian since 2021 and contributes much of her skills to helping and caring for others.

Her understanding of dyslexia is deeply valued at BDF, along with her past experiences of working with children with special educational needs. Jantien was proud and honoured to become an ambassador for and looks forward to a bright future ahead.

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