Bali Dyslexia Foundation have a strong vision to share with everyone that wishes to create change and improve education standards for children with dyslexia.

Similar to other grass root set-ups we need investors who share our vision and believe in the work we do. The BDF ‘Every Child Counts’ scheme is offering 500 memberships to anyone wishing to invest a minimum of $10 per month in our operating costs enabling us to grow as an organization to create a bigger impact. The return on social investment is measured by the number of children gaining access to quality education and the impact we are making on developing skills for local teachers.

Our Affiliates will receive monthly updates on our progress and welcome those who wish to join us and get more involved.!

When you become an affiliate here’s what you’ll receive

Video Report

Video reports with updates – Every 3 months


For your awesomeness you will receive a certificate and Recognition on our website.


Become part of a dedicated community who shares the same Vision.

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