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Ultimately, our goal is to offer volunteers and interns extraordinary experiences for 4 to 20 week period.
Contact us for more information and if we’re the right organization for you, we’re excited to welcome you on our journey.


Join us to help improve the educational experience of underprivileged children, both in and outside the classroom, by teaching English as well as working on designing curriculum for dyslexic learners. A truly worthwhile experience in North Bali.

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Program Highlights:

Gain practical experience teaching as an English teacher or a teaching assist with BDF. Offer your valuable time to our many educational projects and even work on our environmental programs that we support. Visit Bali and experience the true sense of giving. All is what’s required is your time, kindness and dedication in wanting to make a difference.

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    Feel the Joy in Giving Back. Donate Your Time to Volunteer with Us Today

    The High-lights:

    Experience true Bali surrounded by beautiful hills, waterfalls and the Java/Indian ocean filled with dolphins Gain authentic Balinese culture by living in the heart of the community situated 1 minute walk from the beach.

    Become more insightful and mindful of the deeper meaning of what a teacher is, and to share knowledge
    to eager humble students.

    Create unforgettable memories in Bali, meeting incredible like minded people from all walks of life Visit neighbouring islands, such as, Flores, Lembongan, Gili islands and Lombok and see spectacular Hindu temples and experience a culture like no other.

    Make a profound difference in the lives of children from poor villages in Bali. Be creative, and lead your students to be inspired by you.

    A meaningful and rewarding role. This volunteer program is especially suitable for:
    Age 18+
    Teach students from 9 to 17 yrs and be part of our ‘inclusive learning program’ at Bali Dyslexia Foundation. Our English Curriculum is delivered to all children not only dyslexic children. Our open school “Bale” has no windows or doors, just fresh air blowing through is situated just off from the North Lovina beaches.

    Away from the hustle and bustle of the South resides our learning space in a tranquil beach town called Lovina. Teaching in Lovina will give you a real taste of the Balinese culture, being surrounded by local people and the stunning location of Lovina will not only enhance your teaching skills but you will feel “Mother Bali’s” presence heightening your inner soul to feel more present and connected to nature.
    Through our transformational English curriculum which is digitally delivered, we aim to provide a fun learning environment and attempt to make the children enthusiastic about learning English.

    Your role is to connect with the children and encourage them to be enthused about learning, sharing your experience in the English language by using our multi-sensory curriculum, you may well have sown the seeds of a lifelong learning habit.

    Project Aims:

    To encourage and inspire these children into future education.
    To ensure each child is confident and articulate in both spoken and written English.
    To teach games & songs.
    To encourage the kids in learning though fun.
    To come up with creative methods of teaching
    To make effective Lesson plans.

    Upon your placement, you will be graced with an exceptional welcome from the students, partly due to the natural and genuine friendliness of the Balinese, but also due to the fact that you will be one of the few foreigners they have met!

    Typical day
    Monday to Friday
    From 1pm to 3pm you will be assisting with teacher training agenda, and coordinating our next training sessions for local Balinese teachers, assisting with social media postings and creating educational vblogs..etc.. these could be from your own stories! ., 3pm to 4 pm you will start planning the activities for 11 the next day at the learning center. The day would end after having a delicious dinner at the accommodation.

    Free-time activities:

    You are literally just off from the beach, the world is your oyster when you’ve done for the day! There are many activities such as Dolphin watching, snorkeling, diving, trekking through waterfalls and North Bali mountains and much, much more to do…

    In Lovina there are good grocery stores, 24-hour stores and plentiful small, family-run shops where you will be able to find everything that you need. There’s so much to do in Bali, in addition to all the mentioned activities above, you can also visit many temples and really emerse yourself in the Balinese culture. We have all the details and extensive knowledge and recommendations to offer our volunteers. In addition to referring safe and competitive tour packages across Bali.

    • Water Sports
    • Swimming
    • Sightseeing
    • Diving
    • Snorkling
    • Shopping
    • Souvenirs
    • Climbing
    • Hiking
    • Riding
    • Yoga
    • Meditation

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