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Many Schools in rural location in Bali host the next generation of entrepreneurs who are dyslexic and highly creative. With our help, we can provide ongoing support for dyslexic students and offer an intervention program accessing equality in education. We hope to encourage them to become all that they wish to be without being labeled or marginalized.

Bali Dyslexia Foundation is proud to be Bali’s first free service offering teacher training, student assessment, ongoing support, and student scholarships specifically for students with dyslexia.

We offer opportunities for students with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia to progress and develop their knowledge at the same pace as their peers.

Through our effort’s students can access the same opportunities, such as employment and moving onto tertiary or further education as their peers.

Our aim is to enable children with dyslexia to become all that they can be without prejudice or shame.

Providing tailored resources to meet the needs of the learners.

We apply effective interventions such as ‘personalize learning programs’. We are able to do this by matching provision to meet children’s individual needs and quicken the pace of learning for those with literacy difficulties. We need your help and support to continue this program.

Student Support

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