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Welcome to The School for Diverse Thinkers
A school of Inclusion Created by Bali Dyslexia Foundation


Offering Something DIFFERENT

We nurture the artistic visionaries and creative rebels of tomorrow

  • We facilitate interdisciplinary teaching and learning practices in creative design and performing arts.
  • We offer a dynamic, education leading to a career path in the field of art and design.
  • We deliver innovative programs that evolve with multiple creative industries.
  • Our students will gain keen creative insight into hands-on training that will prepare them to work in an interchangeable dynamic world.
  • They’ll master the tools to thrive in the high-tech global marketplace enabling them to invest their passion and imagination in a lifetime of professional success.

Our programs are engineered to guide our students directly into the employment market

  • At the beginning of the 3rd year, students will be expected to work with our business partners for 12 months as paid apprentices, this may be national or internationally based.
  • NBSA partners with local, national and international companies to offer our students apprenticeships that will lead to employment in the field of Art and Design, Digital Media, VR and Performing Arts.

Our Subjects

Signs of dyslexia usually become apparent when a child starts school and begins to focus more on learning how to read and write.

  • Coding/Programming
  • VR/AR. 3D drawing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Textiles & Fashion Design
  • Performing Arts/Theatre
  • EFL
  • Climate Change

Subjects Overview

3 Year Program

Year 1:

Choose 2 creative

Year 2:

Specialise in 1 creative subject

Year 3:

Become a paid apprentice in your specialised subject

Digital Technology/ IT Classroom

Fashion and Textiles

The Location

Climate change and EFL Classroom

NBSA School encourages diversity and inclusion and supports underrepresented students such as young adults with learning and physical differences and low economic backgrounds

NBSA demonstrates this by integrating easy access ramps for wheelchairs at the school’s location. Furthermore, we deliver a multi-sensory inclusive learning platform for all our subjects.

Our curricula are dyslexic-friendly and perfect for any creative thinker!
The framework is to develop a ‘talent pipeline’ for NBSA to offer students long-term employment in the field of art and design. – By this we mean, our scholarships are designed to attract students with specific skills in creative arts. Preparing students for their 3rd year is conducive to the success of this program.

Goal is to place all students into the employment market working as paid apprentices. We partner with large companies who are driven and committed to their ‘Corporate Social Responsibility programme’. This enables NBSA to place our students strategically in the employment sector.

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